H20i, A Virgin’s Story

I am forever spoiled. I had one of the greatest weekends of my life and I know I can get another taste. All my Volkshore “career” I have always heard, “remember at h20….” and “I can’t wait to kill it at h20 this year”, and now I know why.

volkshore h20i 2013 from Lucky XIII on Vimeo.

I got to take Amandine’s 1979 VW Riviera Bus down the 450+ miles down the east coast to our own little Mecca. The drive was forever, especially going a steady 55 MPH, but Phoenix [our bus] chugged along without a single issue. The entire drive feeling like a child trying to sleep before christmas. We arrived very early and crashed in the back, it was an amazing start to an even greater weekend.

H20i no Rad GTG from Lucky XIII on Vimeo.

There are times I get annoyed with the whole car game, and there are times, when surrounded by my fellow Volkies, I remember that underneath it all it is all about the name. Volkswagen, the people’s car, and I have no doubt why there is this cult following.

booty in ur face from Lucky XIII on Vimeo.

It is the car for the people that the people make their own, the reason we meet up every Wednesday night and drive hundreds of miles, because we think it is worth it, it becomes worth it.

OCMD H20i 2013 from Lucky XIII on Vimeo.

So to everyone that made that trip, Thank You. You are why the game is worth playing.

-Kevin Davison
Lucky Th13teen

Staggered 2013

Staggered has always been a good time when I’ve gone. This being the 3rd year in a row for me, I have to say the weather was perfect and hats off to those that planned the whole show. In comparison to the past few years, I think we waited for maybe a fraction of what did the previous year to get in. We parked, we got situated, and immediately started to walk around and look at everything that showed up for the show. I personally find inspiration from all the cars, and I know I saw some things that I would love to do with my car someday. There were new cars and the old classics and everything in between. Staggered is one of the shows that I look forward to because it’s not a just a show, it’s a big get together. Lounging with friends and having some drinks makes the whole experience awesome. Times like that reminds us that the cars, although they mean a great deal to us, are the reason we can get together for a good time and appreciate what we have, what we’ve done and what we plan to do





Dustoff 2013

For those not planning to go to H20 Internationals in September, this is most likely the biggest, best, and most anticipated dub show for any of the UNO’s GTG members. Still within the home state and for most, only a short drive, the show offers something for everyone. For those looking to win a respected award the show offers a incredibly high level of competition with many of last seasons winners gracing the pages of the prestigious “Ultimate VW” out on the Seakonk speedway race track. For those hunting for hard to find parts that usually go for outrageous prices, there is a jam packed swap meet that has enough parts to build a true show stopper. For those looking to see the latest goodies from dedicated vendors, there are those in numbers that make it very clear this isn’t just some little local car show. For those looking to hang out with friends from all over, there is the coveted club parking section. While you will typically find all those in VolkShore milling about our tent city through out the day, (where else can you find brownies you would kill your sibling for or corn on the cob with the TDI special secret butter) they are everywhere. Down on the track showing off intensive winter builds. Helping others by providing amazing deals on the coolest euro parts. Making new friends and joking with old. It isn’t hard to see why it was and is the “Best Club of Dustoff” for 2 years in a row.

- Joe Booth









“What Was Your First Car?”

When I first met Paul I have to admit I was thinking to myself, “Oh man, not another young kid, he is going to wreck that beautiful car.” When I was younger I went through the growing/learning pains on what and what not to do with my Volkswagen. Waisting money on silly first mods like tints, 30″ subs with a box the size of the entire trunk, blinding HID’s etc. Apparently Paul Didn’t get that memo that you are supposed to fail before you win.

That is exactly what he is doing right now, winning. At the age of 17, he is definitely on his way to do big things. The funny thing is, that this is Paul’s first car, and if he keeps on this path, I cant wait to see what he has in store in the next year! Paul certainly did his research whats hot and whats not. He spared no expense making those desicions come to fruition. When I first saw the car it had super white powder coated Rotiform BLQ’s. With in a couple months they were sold and he is now running OZ wheels in the pictures you see here.

For proper so-called stance now a days, there is no question on what you need, bags. When I mentioned earlier that Pauls spared no expense, I meant it. Without question he sent the car down to Banchwerks in Rhode Island for his entire air install. I have met Joosey only a handful of times, but fortunately I have seen his work everywhere. I’m going out on a limb, but i’m pretty sure Joosey had a hand in the trunk setup of Paul’s Jetta. A week later Paul’s Volkswagen was touching belly with the best of them. With only a year under his belt of even owning a car, I cant wait on the next year and beyond for Paul and his unique Jetta.


2009 Volkswagen Jetta
Motor: 2.5 Inline 5 Cylinder

OZ Pegasus
17×8.5 et 43
17×9.5 et 38


Management (Bag Riders)
Accuair E-Level
Dual Vlair 400c compressors
Dual 3 gallon tanks
Dual SMC water traps
Dump Mufflers

Front : Airlift Slam Series
Rear: Airlift Performance